92 piece Magnetic Ball Run

This 92 piece creative pack is a great set to have if you are looking to allow any kid to build & create ball runs with lots of creative ideas they have in mind. It’s one of the most popular set from Connetix. Most people come back for this set as gifts for other kids once they realise how much fun these beautiful & strong these magnetic tiles are! Highly recommended!

It includes:

  • 36 Connecting squares in Colour
  • 6 Wooden Balls in Colour
  • All the following connectors are transparent:
    • 2 Y Shape Split Tubes
    • 2 Long Stairs
    • 2 S Bend Tubes
    • 8 U Shaped Tubes (180 degree bend)
    • 8 x Slide Tubes
    • 12 Right Angle Tubes (90 degree bend)
    • 6 Long Straight Tubes
    • 8 Short Straight Tubes
    • 2 Bowls
    • An Idea Booklet for building

Suitable for ages 3+ years.