Soft Soles, Pre-walkers

Take a look at the adorable soft soles from Bobux if your baby is still crawling around and has yet to stand.
The Xplorer range from Bobux is great for little ones who are just starting to cruise, standing up with support while holding your hands or onto other objects.
If your little one has reached the amazing milestone of taking their first few steps, explore our wide range of stylish Tip Toey Joey shoes for their pre-walking stage.
Ohme-Bub Shoes - Malva by Old Soles
Bobux Fuchsia Go Xplorer
Bobux Navy Go Xplorer
Bobux Lilac Stardust Soft Sole
Bobux Guava Striped Scamp Xplorer
Bobux Candy Scamp Xplorer