Elly Rewards

Welcome to our rewards programme that gets you access to exclusive rewards, promotions and events by shopping with us! Every time you shop with us, you can earn reward points that can be exchanged for future discounts and savings. Visit our Rewards Shop to check out the free products you can redeem with your Elly Rewards Points every month!

Yes! Our team will be happy to assist!

Once you have enrolled with us, you can log in to your account and earn points for every $1 spent.

Create an account and complete your profile = 30 points

Refer your friends = 100 points (Your friend gets 10% off their first order too!)

Like us on Facebook = 10 points

Follow us on Instagram = 10 points

Points will be automatically added into your account once you have completed any of the above.

Points do not expire, but once you have used the points to redeem a reward, that unique coupon code is only valid for 90 days from the date of redemption. You may hold on to the points until you are ready for a purchase, before redeeming the reward. It may take up to a couple of minutes for your unique coupon code to be activated in our system.

If you have already created an account with us on www.theellystore.com, you are automatically enrolled!

If not, create an account and you will then receive an email to confirm your sign up, where it will prompt you to complete your profile. Once you have completed your profile, you will receive 30 points from us!

In order to earn points for your online purchase on www.theellystore.com, an account needs to be registered first. If no account is created before making the first initial order, the points will not be captured for the order.

Points can only be earned through direct purchases from our official online store (www.theellystore.com) and The Elly Store at Cluny Court #02-31. Points cannot be earned through purchases from our stockists.

You might have made a purchase under a Guest account. This means you are not yet part of Elly Rewards! Drop us an email at contact@theellystore.com with your receipt number and your contact number. We will look into the matter and get back to you.

You have to create an account with the same email on our website in order to connect your accounts. Once you have logged into your account, you will be able to access your rewards earned both online and in-store. Our store POS and online store are unfortunately two different systems and this step is to connect your purchases made under this email. Use the same email when you make your purchases.

Simply let our team know that you are a member of our rewards programme, and that you would like to claim a reward before you make payment! They will require your email address or handphone number to access your account. Points redemption cannot be used with any other discount codes on the website and in store.

Points accumulated allows you to redeem rewards of various reward tiers that you can use online and in store!

Here is the list of reward tiers

$5 off with every 250 points

$10 off with every 400 points

$20 off with every 700 points

$50 off with every 1000 points

You can also redeem free products with your points! Every month, you will find products that you can redeem with your points on our Rewards Shop - To redeem free products, you will have to add the specific product into your cart and use the code provided when you claimed your points to get it as a free gift. Free products are available for redemption while stocks last.

**Points redemption cannot be used with any other discount codes on the website and in store.

Redeeming rewards is easy at checkout. When you are ready to complete the sale, proceed to cart out. At the check out page, enter your unique reward coupon code into the discounts field. Your unique reward coupon code can be found in the email sent to you when you redeemed your points.Once you have entered and redeemed your unique reward coupon code, the coupon will automatically apply the discount to the sale. Please note that points redemption cannot be used with any other discount codes on the website and in store.

No they do not.

The Elly Store Private Limited reserves the right to amend and adjust the rewards program details without prior notice. Any rewards account that has been deemed by The Elly Store Private Limited to be abusing and manipulating rewards points for fraudulent claims or multiple redemption under one single user will have their points and order forfeited without any prior notice or warning.