42 Piece Rainbow Square Pack

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A perfect pack to start your CONNETIX journey, the CONNETIX 42 Piece Rainbow Square Pack is ideal for gaining confidence and familiarity with magnetic tile play. Looking to create bigger, more epic builds? Add it to your existing collection to create tall towers, large rockets, houses, carparks, long roads, expansive ball runs, patterns and mandalas, the opportunities are endless!

Experience the CONNETIX signature bevel design as your build stronger designs and enjoy clearer refractions as you gain confidence and familiarity with magnetic tile play. Create taller towers and walls, bigger rockets, larger houses, carparks, roads, patterns, ball runs and so much more, you’re limited only by your imagination!

Each pack includes:

  • 36 x Small square magnetic tiles
  • 6 x Large square magnetic tiles

Suitable for ages 3+ years.

Package dimensions: 26.0 × 7.7 × 17.0 cm

*Various sets could have been used in building the different magnetic tiles creation in some of the lifestyle product images. Please refer to the list above for the specific pieces included in this set.

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