2-Piece Clear Base Plate Pack

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This 2 piece clear base plate pack by Connetix has 2 wonderfully large magnetic tile base plates.

Featuring 2 transparent bevelled magnetic tiles in a large square base shape, this pack will allow you to see through to a whole new dimension of Connetix play. Unleash your creativity to construct designs from Frozen castles, glistening snowflakes and icy igloos, to snowy windows and crystal glasshouses. The base plates will add strength to the bottom of your structures, allowing you to build bigger and taller epic structures!

Each base plate measures 30 cm by 30 cm and contains a grid of magnets. This means building isn't limited to only the outsides of each base plate, you can build up from the middle or across the sides!

All Connetix tiles are made using non-toxic ABS plastic that is BPA and Phthalate free, sealed and riveted for extra safety.

Suitable for ages 3+ years.

*Various sets could have been used in building the different magnetic tiles creation in some of the lifestyle product images.

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