Sweetheart Sandals - Shiny Fuchsia


Sweetheart Sandals in Shiny Fuchsia by Salt Water Sandals comes in a vibrant hot pink in a shiny finish with scalloped edges and heart shape cut-outs! The Sweetheart in a patent fuchsia pink is part of the Salt-Water premium range. They are made in 100% fully waterproof leather and make the perfect kids' sandals for a day out at the beach!

All children sizes are made with a velcro fastening under a faux buckle across the ankle strap for day to day ease. The entire Sun-San range also comes on a spongy urethane soft sole with rust proof buckles. 

These are general guidelines - exact size and fitting will ultimately depend on your personal preference and the overall structure of your foot. Because these are open-toed shoes people like to wear them differently (toes close to edge / not close too the edge!). The Sweetheart is fully adjustable with buckled toe and ankle straps. Just as robust as the Surfer but a little bit girlier. Great for all feet shapes.

Please note that due to the crimped edges, we suggest softening in water prior to wear.

With any of the sandals, should you get a sore spot, dunk your foot & sandal into water (yes really!) and wear them until they dry. Remember, every model can be used as a swimming shoe and can be hand washed using a gentle detergent.  

Size Guide
SWS Size EU UK Length of Foot (cm)
5 (child) EU21-22 UK4 12.8 - 13.3
6 EU22 UK5 13.4 - 14.2
7 EU23 UK6 14.3 - 14.7
8 EU24 UK7 14.8 - 15.7
9 EU25 UK8 15.8 - 16.7
10 EU26 - 27 UK9 16.8 - 17.2
11 EU28 UK10 17.3 - 18.2
12 EU29 UK11 18.3 - 19.2
13 EU30-31 UK12 19.3 - 20.2
1 (Youth) EU32 UK13 (Youth) 20.3 - 20.7
2 (Youth) EU33 UK1 (Youth) 20.8 - 21.2
3 (Youth) EU34 UK2 (Youth) 21.3 - 22.0
Composition and Care

Material: 100% waterproof leather.

Care instructions: Handwash using a gentle detergent.