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Salt Water Sandals

Surfer Sandals - Gold


Salt Water Surfer Gold Sandals are a versatile pair of kids shoe, perfect for going out or playing at the beach.

Called Salt Water Sandals because they stand up even in salt water. These kids sandals have a flexible, high grade sole and heavy, durable leather straps for easy-going comfort and long wear, ensuring all day comfort for your little girls' feet.

Surfer Sandals come in these colors: Cherry, Red, Navy, Tan, Gold, Silver, Shiny Pink, Fuchsia, Floral.

Key features:

- Specifically designed to be worn in and out of the water;
- Ankle strap with buckle closure which won't rust if you get them wet;
- Breathable leather lining and footbed.

Salt Water Sandals Size Chart:

Size cm*
5 14
6 15
7 16
8 16.5
9 17.5
10 18.5
11 19.5
12 20
13 20.5
1 21.5
2 22.5
3 23.5

*length of sole of shoe