Original Kids Sandals - Light Blue

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Salt-water Sandals Size Guide

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The iconic design of the Original Salt-water Sandals was first produced in the 1940’s and we’re still loving it today. The Original is known for its little-way stitched rubber sole and clever plaited leather and like all our sandals, it can be worn in water.

Combining style and practicality is what Salties do best. Meet the Original in Light Blue, providing understated style for boys and girls.

- The Original is a roomy sandal and fits comfortably wide. Before you put them on for the first time, stretch out the toe straps and gently bend the sole to ease.
- Best fitted with toes behind the stitch line.
- Do not oversize for children with the hope they will last longer - you do not want anyone tripping up!
- With any of the sandals, should you get a sore spot, dunk your foot and sandal into water (yes really!) and wear them until they dry.

Made of 100% waterproof cow leather sandal upper and rust proof buckles.

The best way to clean your leather sandals is by hand. Place your Salt-water Sandals in a bowl of cold water and add a little mild detergent. Use a soft cloth to wipe them down and put them outside on a warm day to dry. 

The specially treated leather means they won’t dry hard, but better to dry them flat than hanging them up on the line. 

Leather protectors and brushes are not recommended as they can erode the special sealant. Simply washing down with cool water will keep them looking as good as new! 

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