Four Features to love about Tip Toey Joey Originals

Four Features to love about Tip Toey Joey Originals

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A brand new collection of Tip Toey Joey Originals have landed at the store! Designed and crafted in Brazil, these 100% cow leather shoes are soft and gentle on your toddler's feet. 

Here are four features you'll love about TTJ Originals for babies:

1. FreeToGrow™ 

Tip Toey Joey Originals are their First Walkers series. Designed with a wide toe box, Originals have the perfect amount of space for a little one’s toes to be comfortable in their natural position – straight and activated. This is especially important for the big toe, which is essential for helping first walkers develop a natural gait while finding their balance. Popular styles include the Dolly Mary Janes and Bossy Sneakers. 

You can also take a look at sandals such as Sleeky and Whimsy Sandals with this same feature. FreetoGrow™ sandals are non-restrictive, helping support the natural growth and development of strong muscles and bones. 

2. ThinToFeel Feature

ThintoFeel™ low-thickness allows the same sensations of actually walking barefoot.

What does the foot have to do with the brain? Everything! A child’s foot contains thousands of sensory receptors, meaning little ones can pick up on all the bumps and lumps they feel on the ground below their feet. The more the foot feels where it treads, the more active its connection with the brain. With ThintoFeel™, Baby’s sensory and tactile systems will be stimulated, while at the same time, parents have peace of mind knowing their delicate feet are protected. 

Thin to Feel

3. Stretch&Stay™ Feature

The Stretch&Stay feature helps parents put on shoes for your toddler easily - the elastic heels will gently hold the shoe in place. This is such a useful feature especially when toddlers struggle a little and resist having to wear shoes if they are not used to doing so. 

Stretch and Stay TTJ

4. Flex&Grip™ Soles

Originals have flexible and non-slip soles. This type of sole protects without taking the sensations off the floor "as if it were barefoot," for better balance and confidence in the first steps. The more he or she can feel the ground during this stage of walking, the greater the body may be able to sense its surrounding and better respond and adapt to it.

Flex & Grip soles TTJ

Bonus - Double Strap Features 

Our all-time favourite design from Tip Toey Joey is the Bossy Sneaker with the double strap feature. I think we have probably ordered almost every single colour that Bossy was made in since we started stocking TTJs. 

Feet can come in all shapes and sizes! We love this double strap feature - it makes the best fit for every type of foot as you can adjust the arch as well according to the arch height. This is one of the easiest styles to put on so no more squirming or struggling at the door before you leave the house!

Double Straps TTJ


Tip: How to care for your Tip Toey Joey Originals

Originals are made out of extra soft material and the friction with rough surfaces such as outdoor flooring can wear it out prematurely. Clean only with a damp cloth and mild soap. Do not use water or bleach. Do not machine wash. Dry in the shade.

Browse our entire TTJ collection online or visit us at our Flagship Store.


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