10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

From arts and craft, wooden toys, jigsaw puzzles, open-ended toys, magnetic tiles and more, there's something for everyone this Christmas! Lots of us spend time on google during the festive season searching for best toys to buy for different interests and age groups of our relatives' or friends' children!  

To save time browsing for Christmas presents, we've created A Christmas Gift Guide For Kids. You can shop different categories in our "Play" section by Age, Theme, Budget or Brand to find the best gifts! 

Here are our top 10 Christmas gift ideas for children of all ages: 

1. Jellycats Plush Toys

Recommended age: All ages! Anyone and everyone loves a Jellycat!

Why we love Jellycats: Over the years, Jellycat has designed the most phenomenal range of plush toys. You'll find quirky Amuseables and cozy soft toys with woolly cardigans to keep them warm! 

We also carry Jellycat Bunnies in all colours. Personalise your bunny to make it extra special! 

But we don't just personalise bunnies. We're proud to be one of the few stores in Singapore personalising other Jellycat toys such puppies, dragon wings and even the Amuseable Fried Egg! If you're not sure whether a Jellycat can be personalised, drop us a note first! Our team will carefully measure the surface of the toy to see if embroidery is possible before we take on an order! 

Browse these super soft, quirky toys - there is a Jellycat for every age! 


2. 92-piece Magnetic Ballrun by Connetix


Recommended age: 3+ years

Note: While the brand guidelines indicates that magnetic tiles are suitable from 3Y upwards, we found it a little challenging for a three year old to build without close parental supervision. For independent building, we find that the 5 to 6 year olds have the most fun! 

Why we love Connetix: They've made magnetic tiles in all colours - from bright rainbow colours to pastel colours to clear transparent tubes so you can see the ball run down the tubes! The best part is if you've got other sets of magnetic tiles from Connetix or tiles from other brands such as Magna-Tiles and Learn & Grow, good news - they are compatible! You can create taller towers and longer spirals with all your sets! 

Connetix Magnetic Ballrun


3. Green Toys Recycling Truck


Recommended age: Toddlers 3 years and under

Why we love Green Toys: Green Toys demonstrates that recycling can result in something tangible and meaningful - old can become new. These toys are made up of milk jugs, just like the ones in your fridge! How amazing! They are durable and well-made, in bright attractive colours! They make great gifts for toddlers!

Green Toys Recycling Truck


4. Plus Plus Go! Hot Rod


Recommended age: 7 to 12 years (Not recommended for under 3 years)

Why we love Plus Plus: As the name suggests, Plus Plus is a unique form of a plus (+) that allows every brick to connect to the next! Create 2-D mosaics or work in 3-D to make more complicated structures such as buildings, vehicles and even the world map! We love this unlimited open play possibilities, stimulating fine motor skills and creativity. Because it is so compact, you can buy the Plus-Plus tubes to bring on plane rides or road trips!

Plus Plus Dragster


5. Dino World 40 piece by Magna-Tiles 


Recommended age: 3+ years

Why we love Magna-Tiles: Dino World set features four oversized, fully-magnetic dinosaurs and brightly-coloured, volcanic-themed tiles for play potential that never goes extinct. We love how creative Magna-Tiles is with their sets. You can find other themed-sets such as the Arctic and Forest Animal set!

Magna-Tiles Dino World 40 piece

6. Calm Down Bottles by Jellystone Design


Recommended age: 3+ years

Why we love Calm Down Bottles: Just add water, soap and shake! A sensory toy designed to soothe and mesmerise. Loved by children, used widely by therapists, parents and teachers, sensory bottles are a calming toy helps children self-regulate their breathing and thoughts by refocusing. An easy, calming and useful toy you can take on-the-go! Refills are availble! 

Jellystone Calm Down Bottle

7. Aquarellum Capitales by Sentosphere


Recommended age: 7+ years

Why we love Aquarellum: Sentosphere has created a variety of art and craft kits for children who love painting, crafting, building mobiles and little architecture sets. The most popular in our store are the Aquarellum painting sets - they stimulate imagination and creativity by initiating young children to the art of painting and mixing colours. With these three illustrations of capitals in the world, travel to Paris, London or Moscow and use your Aquarellum palette and your masked illustrations to paint beautiful scenes!

Sentosphere Aquarellum

8. Walls and Warriors by Smart Games


Recommended age: 8+ years (although other Smart Games have a lower difficulty level starting from 2 years)

Why we love Smart Games: There are 80 challenges in this compact kit which advance in difficulty for children to challenge themselves. It's a great travel toy for the airplane! Smart Games bring problem solving to life and help children develop flexible and logical thinking with its easy-handle pieces. 

Smart Games Walls and Warriors

9. Biplane / Propeller Plane by eitech


Recommended age: 6+ years

Why we love eitech: Made from high-quality steel sheets, children can get an insight at an early age into the diversity of mechanics with the detailed, illustrated assembly instructions in each eitech construction kit.

Eitech biplane

10. 27-piece Picnic Basket Set by New Classic Toys


Recommended age: 3+ years

Why we love New Classic Toys: Pretend Play is a great way for children to explore their imagination! Bring out this set for play-dates and let children learn about different kinds of food and utensils!  Picnic Basket