Free Spots to View Fireworks on National Day

Free Spots to View Fireworks on National Day

If you enjoy watching fireworks, you don't want to miss the spectacular display this National Day! We've marked out free spots where you can view fireworks on the 9th of August.

One Fullerton

The waterfront outside the hotel is a popular spot as it faces the show directly! Head there early to get a front-row view of the fireworks!

Marina Bay Sands Boardwalk

The boardwalk outside The Shoppes facing the marina side gives you a clear view of the fireworks. As the spot draws a huge crowd, we recommend getting there early.

Helix Bridge

This spot gives you an unobstructed view of the show. It is no wonder this bridge is a top-choice for viewing the fireworks. It draws a big crowd every year so you will need to secure your spot early on.

The Lawn at Marina Bay Financial Centre

If you would rather avoid the crowds, the view at The Lawn is just as good as the places listed. It is situated on the other side of Marina Bay and you will have more space to enjoy the show!

The Promontory

This is an open space located near The Lawn. You can get decent views and stay further from the crowds!

Merlion Park

Arguably the best spot to view the fireworks, watch the show up front and close! Be prepared for a massive crowd, but the view will be worth it! Head there early to snag a seat by the steps.

Jubilee Bridge

This bridge connects the Merlion Park and the Esplanade. You will get a pretty close view of the fireworks show too!

The Esplanade

This is a well-known spot for photographers to capture the fireworks display. This open space at The Esplanade is another good spot to catch the show.

We hope you'll have a wonderful National Day celebration! Don't forget to grab twinning red outfits for the whole family!