Presenting "The Horse Parade"

Presenting "The Horse Parade"

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The horse parade

Our Signature Cheongsams in 6 fabric designs

1.  Cheongsam in Bright Horses

CS Bright Horses 1

2. Cheongsam in Pastel Horses CS Pastel Horses 3. Cheongsam in Red Horses CS Red Horses 2 4. Cheongsam in White Horses CS White Horses 1 5. Cheongsam in Rainbow Horseshoe CS Horseshoe 1 6. Cheongsam in Horse Parade CS Horse Parade

Our Mandarin-Collared Shirts in 4 prints (3 horse prints and 1 plain red)

7. MC Shirt in Plain Red MC Plain Red 3 8. MC Shirt in Red Horses MC Red Horses 9. MC Shirt in White HorsesMC White Horse 10. MC Shirt in Bright Horses MC Bright Horses

Our Boys' Bermudas in 4 fabric designs

11. Berms in Bright Horses (perfect to match our MC shirt in Plain Red) Rivieras 1 12. Berms in White HorsesBerm White Horse 2 13. Berms in Red Horses (perfect o match our MC shirt in Plain Red) Berms Red Horses 14. Berms in Plain Red (Perfect to match our two MC shirts in Bright Horses and Red Horses) Red berms 3

Our Tinkerbell dresses in 4 fabric designs

15. Tinkerbell dress in Rainbow Horseshoe Tinkerbell Horseshoe 2 16. Tinkerbell dress in White HorsesTink White Horses 2 17.  Tinkerbell dress in Red HorsesTink Red Horses 2 18. Tinkerbell dress in Pastel Horses (love the pastel yellow trimming!!) Tinkerbell Pastel Horses Back

Our Lily Dresses in 4 fabric designs

19.  Lily dress in White Horses

Lily White Horse 4 20. Lily Dress in Rainbow Horseshoe Lily Horseshoe 2 21. Lily Dress in Horse Parade (Limited edition)Lily Horse Parade 22. Lily dress in Bright Horses Lily Bright Horses 2 Our new Girls' Shorts design and matching Red Flutter Blouse 23. Our New Red Flutter Blouse (which matches ALL our girls' shorts and twirly skirts!) Red Blouse detail 24. Shorts in Pastel Horses Shorts Pastel Horses 1 25. Shorts in Rainbow Horseshoe Shorts Horseshoe Our new Twirly Skirt and matching flutter blouse (again!) 26. Twirly Skirt in Red Horses with silver trimming and beige tulleSkirt Red Horses 27. Twirly Skirt in Pastel Horses with purple trimming and beige tulle Skirt Pastel Horses 1 28. Twirly Skirt in Rainbow Horseshoe with magenta trimming and beige tulleSkirt Horseshoe Detail 29. Twirly Skirt in Horse Parade with silver trimming and magenta tulle

Skirt Horse Parade

We also have three onesies available in pastel horses, red horses and white horses! Unfortunately, photos weren't available at the time of this blog post!


The Sibling Pairs - How to mix and match the collection! 

The Bright Horses with the Plain Red shirt

PAIR Bright Horses Sibling 1

The Bright and Pastel Horses

PAIR Pastel Horses 2

Sibling sets The White Horses Pair Red Horses fb The Red Horses QUAD Red horses 1 PAIR Lily Tinkerbell white horses PAIR Horse Parade 2 x, Audrey

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