Parking at Cluny Court

Parking at Cluny Court

We've heard about your (not great) experiences trying to find parking lots at Cluny Court or even trying to drive your SUV and MPVs down the Cluny Court car park. Here are tips on where you can park when you visit our store! Cluny Court is marked out with a blue star in the map below: Road Map

There are 3 cark parks in the vicinity of Cluny Court. First, of course you can park inside Cluny Court - the car park entrance is on Cluny Park Road immediately after the French Embassy.  It's a nondescript entrance with delivery vans surrounding it busy with unloading goods.  So drive slowly when you are passing the French Embassy exit so you don't miss the entrance! When you drive down the ramp, the turning tends to be abit tight for MPVs and SUVs so drive carefully!

The second option is to park in Serene Centre. The lots in Serene Centre are limited so if the car park gets full, not to worry, there is a third option! Just turn into Jln Kembang Melati and turn right around the roundabout and head towards the Botanic Gardens car park on Cluny Park Road. I've inserted 3 red-coloured cars along the length of the car park (where it says "CP"). In order to walk the shortest distance to Cluny Court, park at the last 8 lots near the exit! This alternative car park is a good option in the mornings but I find these days it tends to rain in the late afternoons and the walk to the car park isn't sheltered all the way so I've gotten drenched 3 times so far trying to get back to my car at 5 or 6 pm!

Don't worry if you don't drive! You can still get to Cluny Court via MRT or bus!

By MRT: CC19 Botanic Garden Station

By Bus - 
Along Bt Timah Rd (Botanic Gardens MRT) : 48, 66, 67, 151, 153, 154, 156, 170, 171, 186
Along Farrer Rd : 48, 93, 153, 165, 174, 186, 855, 961
Along Adam Rd (Adam Food Centre) : 74, 93, 157, 165, 852, 855 Hope this helps you the next time you make a trip to Cluny Court!

x, Audrey