Six Uses for Your Muslin Swaddle (Besides Swaddling)

Six Uses for Your Muslin Swaddle (Besides Swaddling)

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To our new and expecting parents, you may have received lots of swaddles as gifts for your newborn baby! Swaddling is usually introduced from birth until your baby starts to roll over onto their tummies by themselves. That could be anytime between two to four months old. At that point, it is the signal to move out of the swaddling stage.

Instead of putting them aside after four months, here are some ideas on how you can use your swaddles after your baby has outgrown the swaddling stage! 

1. Nursing cover

If you are still breastfeeding, keeping a swaddle on hand is a simple way to cover up when it is feeding time.

2. Burp cloth

Draping swaddle over your shoulder when burping your little one is perfect for any sudden spit-ups that might occur with its absorbability.

3. Stroller cover

Use it to cover your baby while they are taking a nap, or to shield them from the bright sun.

4. Changing table cover

A swaddle can double up as a base when changing the nappies for your little ones as counters (especially if outside) are not always as clean as they seem and some may even be too cold for them.

5. Tummy Time Blanket

Lay the muslin swaddle over a mattress and tuck the ends under the mattress to secure them.

6. Blanket for Older Siblings

They make for perfect lightweight blankets for older babies while travelling in the car seat or in the stroller. Note: This is only recommended if the muslin blanket is actually large enough to wrap over your mattress and tuck in neatly!

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