Our CNY 2015 Photoshoot Outtakes

Our CNY 2015 Photoshoot Outtakes

We love photoshoots with kids but you can never predict how it turns out!! Here are some tips on doing a photoshoot with kids from our past experiences! (1) The most fun and memorable pictures tend to be the ones which capture all the good (and naughty) moments and they are often the unscripted ones! So don't ask the kids to pose too much - just watch them interact with each other and you'll get some classic shots (maybe not with everyone looking at the camera but definitely frame-worthy ones)! 

DSC_1358 DSC_1333 (2) It is so hard to get group shots of children across ages looking at the camera all at the same time. That means not scrunching their noses or blinking or picking their noses! But that's perfectly all right! Who said every group picture has to be perfect? In the picture below, I'm wondering what Lil N on the right most of the picture was horrified about seeing! Do any of the mommies remember? DSC_1396 (3) When shooting with a baby, first ensure all the other kids are in place, and then plonk down the baby in her position and shoot very quickly!!! (It's definitely harder to plonk her down AND THEN try to get everyone in place!)

runaway (4) It's impossible to synchronise star jumps! Enough said. star jump fail (5) There is no love like sibling love… oh well, maybe not.

blog 2 blog 1 copy blog 3 (6) It's exhausting for children and adults alike so keep it within 1 to 1.5 hours. It definitely helps to have a great photographer who understands the need to keep it quick with children and on top of that, gets great photos every time! (Thanks Maryann!) Here's a pic of lil E looking all sweaty and icky, and the classic picture below of Hunter worn out from all the excitement! Definitely schedule a 2 hour nap after the photoshoot for everyone, adults and children alike!

TSL_7662 DSC_1365 But there is nothing more priceless than a precious shot like this! (This should totally be in their wedding albums!!!) Love!

TSL_7558Happy Friday everyone! x, Audrey