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Dolly Mary Janes Shoes - Cotton Candy | Tip Toey Joey Baby Shoes The Elly Store
Dolly Mary Janes Shoes - Cotton Candy | Tip Toey Joey Baby Shoes The Elly Store
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Tip Toey Joey Features The Elly Store

Dolly Mary Janes - Cotton Candy

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Size chart

Tip Toey Joey Size Chart

EU USA (Child) UK Length of sole (cm)
19 4 3 12.5
20 5 4 13
21 6 5 13.5
22 6.5 5.5 14
23 7 6 14.5
24 8 7 16
25 8.5 7.5 16.5
26 9 8 17
27 10 9 17.5
28 11 10 18
29 12 11 19
30 13 12 20
31 13.5 13 20.5
32 1 13.5 21
33 2 1 21.5
34 3 2 22
35 4 3 23
36 4.5 3.5 24

It all started with Sofia's foot, the daughter of the brand's creators. Tip Toey Joey's first pair of shoes, Dolly, was made for her. It has a clean design, no bows, and no excess, just lots of charm, and our essential in-built smart features for the natural development of the little foot through the first steps.


  • Unique FreeToGrow™ design is wider and foot-shaped, so the toes will be straight and activated to move and grow as free as if they were barefoot.
  • Our original Stretch&Stay™ elastic heel gently holds the shoe in place so first walkers are safe and free to move and explore their first steps.
  • Butter-soft and flexible natural rubber sole.
  • Soft breathable cotton so little feet won't sweat. Biodegradable and antibacterial leather-lined insole.
  • Flexible and non-slip natural rubber sole.
  • Velcro closure makes it easy to put on and take off. 
  • Extra soft leather produced within REACH international safety criteria.
  • Safe and non-toxic for babies and kids.

This model has an adjustable velcro closure that embrace all types of little feet.

100% cow leather

Care instructions
Originals are made out of extra soft material and the friction with rough surfaces such as outdoor flooring can wear it out prematurely. Clean only with a damp cloth and mild soap. Do not use water or bleach. Do not machine wash. Dry in the shade.

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Features you'll love

Tip Toey Joey Freetogrow


Designed to be roomy, FreetoGrow™ provides the perfect amount of space for little one's toes to be comfortable in their natural position - straight and activated. This is especially important for the big toe, which is essential for helping first walkers develop a natural gait while finding their balance.

Tip Toey Joey ThintoFeel


ThintoFeel concept allows the same sensations of actually walking barefoot. Baby’s sensory and tactile systems will be stimulated, while at the same time, parents have peace of mind knowing their delicate feet are protected.

Tip Toey Joey Stretch&Stay


Elastic heel that hugs the little foot and helps to put on.

Tip Toey Joey Flex&Grip


Soft rubber soles with anti-slip pads

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