Then and Now

Then and Now

While we were trying to decide a layout for the recent Boutiques at Fort Canning fair a few weeks back, we browsed through photos of all the fairs we participated in last year.  We came across a photo of our first fair, The Dempsey Fair @ CM-PB, held in March 2011!  

At that fair, we started with just 1 rack of clothes - yes, you heard correctly - only ONE rack! Gosh! On hindsight, our one rack of clothes looked so pathetic!

It's pretty cool how we've moved from 1 rack to 2 racks in June 2011 with a second collection of beautiful pastel dresses and Pebble toys, and now to us not having enough space within our 2 x 1 stall space for all our stock (of dresses, shirts, shorts, toys, hair clips and necklaces) at the most recent Boutiques @ Fort Canning!!! Better yet, in the past year, we've gotten our set-up and take-down routine at fairs perfected!  

And I don't mean to boast, but Carol has this insane ability to deal with the space constrains (yup, ALL our stock, paper bags and storage containers was somehow cleverly hidden under the table cloth) and we have mastered the art of take-down such that we're packed up and out of the fair within 10 minutes of closing (without the help of professional movers). Considering that we have itty bits of stock all over the table, you've got to admit that's quite a feat! Had one of those smile-to-myself-moments while looking through the photos again today.

Great feeling to start a week! Have a great week ahead!

x, Audrey