We must have started talking about the front wall from April this year (just barely 2 months after we opened).  We discussed how there was so much frontal display space we just weren't maximizing.  For example, there was a space on the left which could only hang prints (and not toys, jewellery or shoes which we needed more space for); the two long shelves were overloaded with toys and sometimes alternated being overloaded with shoes; and the brown vintage cabinet just acquired by Carol didn't quite sit with the rest of the wall.  

There was also a rather large white space above the canvas photograph and all in all, the front wall seemed like a mesh-mash of ideas that didn't belong together (yes we were told it looked fine but we're quite harsh on ourselves and there was just something that wasn't "Elly" enough about it). Which we felt was a shame, since that's the first wall you see as you approach the shop if you're coming from the lifts or the escalators.
So the re-decorating project finally kicked off last week. Carol collected crates (big thanks to those who kindly donated their wine crates to us!) and on Monday, went about painting them white whilst I mended the store. Of course, my little niece (that's her in the picture below) wanted to help so she got her hands on a little roller and chipped in halfway! My mom had to help as well because it took a lot longer to paint 6 crates than we had expected!

Once the crates were dry, we were ready for our contractor to start his work. We had to cover up the front of the store and move the mannequins and other display items out of the way. Boy was it a messy job for Carol that day!

Next, our contractor fixed new lights under the front shelves. Standing in front of the shelves sometimes blocked out the light from the overhead spotlights and made the area quite dark. But as it turns out, I'm calling them my new lightsabers to ward off the dark side (complete with sound effects: "vuong vuong"). The lights aren't turned on in the store yet because there's still work to be done to temper with the glare so you don't get blinded by the lightsabers.

Carol then had to put finishing touches to the store. It's a nice subtle touch which you might not even notice when you next visit but we absolutely love it! We now have an awning in our store entirely made of felt! Take a look at Carol climbing the super tall ladder to stick them on the wall!

Here's a picture of the newly done-up front wall:

We used the painted wine crates as additional display space, not just for prints, but for toys, shoes and basically anything quirky we think you might like!

In the middle of the store, we used the other crates as stackers which gives some height to the centre display area. The display in this area will constantly change and I think the varying height of the crates makes the display less static and more fun! Children have already discovered the two snakes sleeping in the back crate (there's no picture so you'll have to find them yourself!).



Another angle of our newly done-up wall:
The brown vintage cabinet has moved to a new part of the store: the corner for the littlest people. We wanted to paint it white to match the rest of the store but after much discussion, we thought it best not to violate the sanctity of vintage furniture.
And the little details you might miss along the way

It's hard to spot from the photos but did you notice that Humpty now has butterflies to keep him company on his tree trunk? The pinwheels have been taken down and that's our signal that our new collection is about to be launched soon! It's full steam ahead to prepare for the launch now - tell you about it soon!

x, Audrey

P.S. Do leave a comment to let us know what you think of the re-decorations!