The Elly Lookbook - From the very beginning

The Elly Lookbook - From the very beginning

We're about to launch a full collection next week on Children's Day.  As I was editing the photos for launch, I got all nostalgic (especially since I was on holiday and had all the time in the world to reminisce) and decided it was time to do a blog post about our past collections.

It all started with our first photoshoot in December 2009 which even starred Elliot (the "Elly Elephant" behind the logo, the name and the brand).

Elly 8762 Elly 8634

Encouraged by the first shoot, I flew back from London for Chinese New Year in February 2010 and did a second shoot with even more dresses!

fairy tip toes

We finally relocated back to Singapore in October 2010 and decided to work on Elly full-time. Here's our very first shoot with Lil S in February 2011 (photos taken by Carol):

DSC_2252 DSC_2512 DSC_2340 DSC_3093

August 2011 - Outdoor shoot with mofyphotos

IMG_A-16 IMG_A-13 IMG_A-19

August 2011 - Studio shoot at The Studio Loft

trains and cars shirt 11.20.46 PM DSC_9064

December 2011 - Studio shoot by mofyphotos

ELLY-106 ELLY-350 ELLY-360 ELLY-016 ELLY-239

February 2012 (Photos taken by Carol)

Campaign copy

July 2012  - Photos by Mish Koh Photography

120727 Elly-115web 120727 Elly-143 120727 Elly-192

August 2012  - Outdoor shoot by Carol

W Blue Mermaids FB Twinkle Pink Narwhals

January 2013  - Outdoor shoot by mofyphotos

DSC_4353-2 Poppies DSC_5056 DSC_4843 DSC_4650

Do you have a favourite from any of our collections? Do take part in our Facebook giveaway here!

x, Audrey