Presenting our CNY 2017 collection

Presenting our CNY 2017 collection

campaign-elly-2017-1 Photo credits: This campaign was shot by the talented Maryann with the help of her team from The Studio Loft


Our Cheongsams in 8 fabrics cs-red-gingko-leaf-fbcs-turquoise-gingko-leaf-fbcs-fuchsia-gingko-leaf-fbcs-cherries-fbcs-red-pandas-fb cs-blue-pandas-fbcs-popsicles-fbcs-blue-satsuki-fb Our Mandarin-collared shirts in 7 fabrics mc-red-gingko-leaf-fb MC Turquoise Gingko Leaf FB.jpgmc-cherries-fbmc-red-pandas-fbmc-blue-pandas-fbmc-popsicles-fbmc-blue-satsuki-fb the-big-boys Our Bermudas in 5 fabrics bermudas-orange-fb Bermudas Yellow FB.jpgbermudas-chambray-fbbermudas-red-fb bermudas-turquoise-fb Our Baby Rompers in 3 fabrics (expected delivery date - 2nd week of Jan 2017) Baby Romper Pandas.jpg Baby Romper Red FB.jpg Our Flare Cheongsams in 7 fabrics flare-cs-red-gingko-leaf-fbflare-cs-cherries-fbflare-cs-fuchsia-gingko-leaf-fb flare-cs-turq-gingko-leaf-fbflare-cs-popsicles-fbflare-cs-red-pandas-fbflare-cs-blue-pandas-fb Our Sarah dress in 4 fabrics sarah-dress-red-gingko-leaf-fbsarah-dress-cherries-fbsarah-dress-popsicles-fb sarah-turq-gingko-leaf-fb Our Twinkle dress in Blue Satsuki t-blue-satsuki-fb Our Tinkerbell dress in 2 fabrics  (At the time of this post, the Tinkerbell in Pink Yinghua was not available yet) tink-popsicles-fbtink-dress-in-turq-yinghua-fb Our Halter Tops in 2 fabrics and White Pantshalter-top-turq-gingko-leaf-fbhalter-top-fuchsia-gingko-leaf-fbwhite-pants-fb Our Ladies' Tops in 4 fabrics ladies-top-red-gingko-leaf-fbladies-top-fuchsia-gingko-leaf-fbladies-top-blue-pandas-fbladies-top-red-pandas-fb ~ The Sibling Sets and how to wear the collection We always create a collection to provide you with options to mix and match the cheongsams and dresses without having to buy identical designs! If you’ve got girls only, you’ve got the widest selection of 8 cheongsams, 7 flare baby cheongsams, 3 Tinkerbell dresses, 4 Sarah dresses, 2 Twinkle dresses, 2 halter tops and matching white pants! If you’ve got boys only, you’ve got 8 shirts and 5 bermudas to choose from! the-leaves   The Sibling Sets sibling-cherries-3 popsicles-pair mc-popsicle-and-red-gingko ladies-top-blue-panda-group Everyone I've talking to / texting says they will probably go with a gingko set for CNY Day 1 and Pandas for CNY Day 2!  Before you decide, here are some other options you can look at! Set 1.jpg

Set One - A panda cheongsam,  a Sarah dress in red gingko leaf and a pretty normal non-CNY outfit with turquoise yinghua! 



Set Two - A popsicle cheongsam,  a Sarah dress in cherries and a Twinkle dress in Blue Satsuki

I could go on with multiple options but I think I shouldn't confuse you any further!

LAUNCH PROMOTION The collection launches online at 9 p.m. on Wed 21 Dec 2016 and at the Elly store at Cluny Court at 10 a.m. on Fri 23 Dec 2016.  From 9 p.m. on 21st Dec to 9 p.m. 31st Dec 2016:
  • Use the discount code CNY2017 to enjoy 20% off our new Ladies Top.
If you’ve got queries about our collection, do check our FAQs to see if you can find your answers there! If not, do drop us an email ( or Facebook message and we’ll respond as soon as we are able to. friends Happy Shopping!! x, Audrey