CNY2022 - Our Inspiration

CNY2022 - Our Inspiration

I think it would be an understatement to say that 2021 didn't quite go the way that anyone thought it would. Back in 2020, we thought that by mid-2021, we'd be back to pre-pandemic living with Christmas parties, travelling again and possibly without masks. But it didn't play out that way. The plans we made for 2021 would have to be shelved for yet another year. 

Yet in their place, we found our own time to be intentional about the things that we did do. With restrictions on social gatherings, we had to consciously choose the things we spent time on, the people to meet, places to visit and restaurants to try. We cheered when they announced rules that two could dine out, then five. We cheered when families of four could finally come over to visit - that meant larger Sunday dinners. We cheered when we could go back to visit the zoo or do a staycation, or go on play-dates again. Even though we could not go on big overseas trips or have big parties, we learnt to find joy in the smallest things. 

Our Inspiration

When it came to designing this year, we were equally intentional, and we chose to celebrate all the little things. 

We kicked off the start of 2021 with our two part CNY2021 “One World” launch, a Classic Disney collection, a Classic Pooh collection, a Mickey Go Local collection, a Baby Essential collection and a Disney Princess launch.

Each of our collections this year celebrated something - celebrated staying home with a full Classic Pooh loungewear collection, celebrated being in Singapore all year with Mickey Go Local and celebrated year-end parties with Disney Princess.

When we started designing CNY2022, we looked through all your feedback for CNY2021 - your children loved the pleats of the wrap cheongsam, loved our soft t-shirt jersey material, wanted more tween styles and looked forward to our lace collection. Moms liked our casual tops and wanted more dresses especially with pleated skirts. Dads wanted a size up. We intentionally checked off this "wishlist" when we put our 2022 collection together. 

We want elly to be top-of-your-pile in your children's wardrobe. We want them to be able to wash and wear it week after week. When we started this year, 2022 was full of unknowns. We wanted to create pieces which could be worn whether we celebrated CNY in large or small groups. If we ended up celebrating in small groups, we'll be having catch-ups everyday with different friends. Rather than invest in multiple cheongsams or festive outfits that your child may not want to wear after CNY, we created tops that could be paired with a variety of colours to create new looks!

Every piece in this year's collection is designed with the different children we've met over our nine years at Cluny Court in mind; children who love twirly dresses, children who love dressing up, children who will not wear a cheongsam or high necklines, children who do not like wearing dresses, children who hate fussing with zips, children who love maxi dresses, and the list goes on. This year, we bring your ole favourites back like the Summer Dress and the Twirly Cheongsams and added in a few more which we know will soon be your favourites (look out for the Madelyn Dress)!

In terms of prints, CNY2022 will see a step away from the licensed prints over the last two years, and back to fully elly-designed looks. For the Year of the Tiger, we wanted a bold fresh palette of colours so if your children have been growing up with our CNY collections over the year, we want you to give you a selection of different colours and looks year after year! This year, you will have 16 prints to choose from and 4 colours of lace. 

About our Prints

Since we spent 2020 and 2021 exploring Singapore, we drew our inspiration from home this year. We decided to bring the White Tigers from the zoo, and his friends, the Elephants and Penguins, on all the holidays we couldn't go on. In our prints, you’ll find the Tigers fishing at sea or headed to his holiday with his sunnies. If you look hard enough, you might even see a Lucky Tiger! When given the first chance, the Elephants grabbed their suitcases and headed for the tropics, whilst the Penguins headed for the beach to build sandcastles. The fun and whimsical prints are quintessentially elly. 

And while the animals went on holiday, we rolled out the rest of our collection to bring in the Lunar New Year with traditional CNY icons such as flowers, lucky coins, the lion dance and zodiac animals. We kept it classic and festive for the visitings you may do! We also added cheongsams this year in your favourite jersey fabric!

And to our muse, Lil S, who started us on our journey years ago, we celebrate her and her tween style and the start of her teen years in 2022 with pieces created with her input (yes even during her PSLE year!). 

We kept our photoshoot small this year and done in our own office. We bought used wooden backdrops and upcycled them. Carol and her team painted the wooden backdrops and recycled the wooden frame used in our CNY shoot two years ago. Together, they painted a scene from a home with the sunset peeking in from a window. I love they come up with fresh ideas every shoot! From the conceptualisation of ideas to the final outcome, it's a passion on their sleeves every year. Their attention to every little detail, whether it's to do with photoshoot sets or popups, is always inspiring. 

Celebrating the little things means that we celebrate not just during CNY but throughout the year. With our collection this year, you can wear a piece of elly to wear throughout and beyond the 15 days of CNY. 

Presenting CNY 2022 - The Little Things

x, Audrey