Carnival preparations are underway!

Carnival preparations are underway!

It's been all about Lantern Carnival preparations over the past two weekends! In the process, I have become pretty proficient at basic Photoshop whilst designing the Carnival ticket and the various game + food signs. I've learnt to draw repeated stripes, line dots and other random things I never thought I'd ever need to learn.

Carol and Mark have been in charge of everything else! Their sourcing has taken them (i) to Daiso to look for pails for a veggie toss game; (ii) to various supermarkets to look for the right size of vintage Coke & Sprite bottles for a ring toss game; (iii) to the Verge and Jalan Sultan to look for vintage toys as prizes; (iv) to Toy-R-Us to look for more toys as prizes; and (v) the nearby aquarium to buy fishes for a live fishing game. (By the way, we have since scrapped the live fishing game because the fishes were traumatized by Lil' S (our 2 1/2 year old game tester) chasing them around and around the pail with her net.)  If you ever need ideas for Carnival games, send us an email and we'll send you our research from the internet! So yes, this Carnival is entirely home-made AND made with love by the Elly team (husbands included) especially for our customers to enjoy! So it's been absolutely chaotic trying to gather all the toys, prizes, props in Carol's flat and still manage our 4 or 5 collections in production and all the new products which have been delivered to the store, to say the least.

Our Veggie Wash game (tossing vegetables into the pail)

Our own Ring Toss Game

No carnival is ever complete without a ring toss game. Get a ring over a Sprite bottle for a bigger prize! After the Carnival, my husband and I are going to be very high on carbonated drinks for 24 days at least (assuming each of us drink 1 of the 48 bottles of coke and sprite a day)!

These games are more suited for children older than 4 years but we thought hey, toddlers can join the fun too right? We just need to let them stand nearer or have a few more throws! So we've been testing the games on Lil' S. 

After all that effort at trying to win something, we've put together a nice little range of toys and gifts but don't get your hopes up for a live-size Hello Kitty doll! We've put together prizes we bought and stuff we sell in the store for your children to win!

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The carnival preps have gotten the whole family very excited about the Carnival and we're keeping our fingers crossed for good weather and for the event to turn out smoothly! In the meantime, Carol's been having sleepless nights worrying about the preps, food and prizes and having Carnival nightmares complete with the scary Carnival clown and crazy mirrors.

P.S. If you're one of the lucky families to have scored a ticket, do note that double parking is permitted along Dalvey Estate and Lewis Road. We are expecting a huge crowd which should add to the carnival atmosphere! So be patient with queues, and get to the party at 5.30 so you can get your hands on ice-cream, get your hands tattoo-ed and even play a few games ahead of the queues! And Don't Forget to Bring your Lantern for the Walk!

x, Audrey