Biomecanics Kids Shoes

Biomecanics Kids Shoes

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Biomecanics is one of the latest shoe brands to join The Elly Store. 

Biomecanics is a Spanish brand that designs shoes specifically to focus on ergonomics (simply put, the way people move) and adaptation to use. Its parent company, Garvalin, specialises in creating quality shoes. Garvalin started a research project with the Biomechanics Institute of Valencia ("IBV"). They studied thousands of children at different ages to understand their movement and emotional responses to different surroundings. Their interest in innovation in this field then led to the founding of Biomecanics in 1996.

Every Biomecanic shoe is now IBV endorsed! 

Biomecanics also cooperates with the Spanish Association of Paediatrics so they have the most up-to-date knowledge on the health of little feet and can constantly innovate. 

Biomecanics - Bioevolution: How often a child changes shoe size

Source: Biomecanics website: A rough guide to monitor when to change your child’s shoe.


Biomecanics has 2 ranges - Biogateo and Bioevolution. 

1. Biogateo (Available in EU22 to EU24)

This range is designed for babies crawling to their first steps, and made to encourage first steps! As a rough guide, you can start looking out for their first steps around the ages of 12 to 15 months! 

At this stage, children are learning to manage external stimuli and are developing near vision. Hence, their shoes focus on giving crawlers a sense of security, by providing balance and stability in this essential learning phase.

Biogateo shoes emulate a “barefoot walking experience” so your baby is less likely to resist wearing shoes. Key features you'll like: 

(1) They have flex grooves in the soles and are thin and flexible. The flexibility of these shoes also allow natural heel-to-toe motion.

(2) They are lightweight and have flat inner seams to minimise friction against the skin. 

(3) They come with non-slip soles and an external stiffener near the heel to protect feet from teetering, providing stability as your baby learns to walk. The U-shaped heel collar encourages proper ankle movement and takes pressure off the achilles tendon. 

(4) They are easy to wear. Biogateo shoes have a wide opening so little feet slide in easily. 

(5) They are breathable all round! These shoes are made with natural fabric, come in breathable styles and have breathable, absorbent soles. 

Biomecanics - 3 Micro-Layer Insoles in Shoes

Picture from Biomecanics.


Biomecanics - Features of Biogateo Shoes

Features of Biogateo Shoes at a glance!

2. Bioevolution (Available in EU24 to EU26) 

This range is designed for confident walkers with increased activity level. 

At this stage, children also experience more rapid but non-uniform foot growth. The shape of their feet also changes with size. Their shoes are hence built to last its evolution term, withstand heavy-duty use, and encourage proper foot growth with greater freedom of movement. Biomecanics recommends regularly checking footwear at this stage. Footwear can become misshapen due to the growth of feet, a sign to up a size!

5 reasons why you'll love Bioevolution shoes:

(1) Like the Biogateo shoes, Bioevolution promotes correct foot growth. The shape of each shoe at each size is tailored to cater to the foot shape at that size. Being able to last the specific foot shape is what they identify as the evolution last.

Further, there is a broad toe and instep that provide room and structure for feet. 

(2) They provide safety and stability as your child spins and plays. To suit more varied activity, the shoes have braking and traction zones to cater to lots of starting and stopping. The protective toe caps prevent toe stubbing while an external reinforcement element near the heel provides structure for growing feet. 

Biomecanics Bioevolution Brake Zone

(3) Bioevolution shoes are lightweight and have well-padded sides and heels for jumping and prancing around in. The soles are flexible to allow natural motion of the foot.

(4) They are easy to wear with velcro tabs. If your child is in school, he or she can learn to put on their own shoes with ease. 

(5) The insoles are removable and antibacterial for easy cleaning. It utilises the same 3 micro-layer technology that Biogateo shoes use (refer to the picture above for an illustration). The insoles have 3 different micro-layers that give it its' antibacterial and absorbent properties. They are removable too so it is easy to clean! 

Biomecanics - Bioevolution Shoe Properties

Picture from Biomecanics: Features of Bioevolution Shoes at a glance! 


Biomecanics: Choose your Kids Shoes Responsibly 

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