A New Collection - Row Row Row Your Boat!

A New Collection - Row Row Row Your Boat!

Row Row Row Your Boat

Anti-clockwise from top left: Ocean Creatures, Boats and Red Whales

Once a year since 2011, we've always had a W-H-A-L-E series in our collection! 2011 saw pink and blue whales!  2012 brought in a pastel Out To Sea collection of pink narwhals! This year, we've gone back to our roots - we've gone back to bright, eye-catching, cute and fun with three new fabrics!  

We'll have two sibling sets - Ocean Creatures and Red Whales. In Ocean Creatures, you'll find our Little Man Shirt or LMS and the Wonderland dress. The Wonderland dress is perfect for this fabric - it's flair, short, cute and oodles of fun! In Red Whales, you'll find our LMS and both the Twinkle and the Wonderland dress! Boats was such a happy blue fabric that we made shirts and shorts with it. These fabrics are going to be so much fun for your children, I just know it!

Row Row Row Your Boat launches this Saturday, August 31 2013, at the Elly store! P.S. Send us an email at enquiries@ellyloves.com if you'd like to reserve the sibling sets ahead of time!

WAIT! There's more!!! Final Reductions

In conjunction with the new launch, we'll be having further reductions on our sale items this weekend!

Tag on an additional 10% discount to all the current sale items!! That means the remaining boys' shirts will be sold at 50% off,  holsters at 50% off, onesies at 40% off, girls' and boys' shorts at 40% off, the cheongsams at 30% off, girls' dresses at 25% off, the chevron collection at 25% off and remaining toys will be at $5! You can see some of these items on our facebook album here! Sale ENDS on Sunday, 1 September 2013! Happy shopping and see you this weekend! x, Audrey

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