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Are you the strategic mind of the family or do you want to sharpen the tactical insight of your kids? Orbito is a game for the sharp-witted.

  • Boost your strategic thinking.
  • Unique shifting game board. Everything changes on every turn!
  • Move your opponent’s marbles too!

How to play?

1) Play
In turn, add a marble to the board and try to get 4 marbles of your colour in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row! To finish your turn, you must press the 'Orbito'-button, which will make all marbles shift 1 position on their orbit.

2) Adapt
Don't always go with flow All marble positions on the shifting board change on each turn, Consequently, even with predefined 'orbits', Orbito will challenge the adaptability and 'forward thinking' skills of even the most experienced players. Move your opponents marbles too. To start your turn, you can even choose to move one of your opponents' marbles to an adjacent, free space before adding your own marble. This unusual game element allows you to totally disrupt your opponent's strategy! Beware, it works both way!

3) Win
To win the game, align 4 marbles of your colour horizontally, vertically or diagonally!

No. of players: 2 players

Recommended for 7+ years

Game Duration: 10 mins

Game Contents:
- 1 Shifting "4x4" game board with Orbito-button
- 8 White Marbles
- 8 Black Marbles
- Game Rules

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