Make a Mooove

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Help the animals sort through the pile of fruit. Be the first to find the right fruit or to make a ‘Mooo’-ve, because you may also have to make an animal sound! Boost your perception and reaction speed! Fruit or animal sound? Beware! 1 roll of the dice, 3 possible answers!


  • 40 Fruit Cards (with 6 different fruits)
  • 4 Dice (1 Numbers Die, 1 Animals Die & 2 Fruit Dice)
  • Game Rules

How to play?

1) Play

Start with the 3-dice level! Roll the dice and flip a card open! The first player to correctly yell the name of the fruit OR make the animal sound, wins the card.

2) Adapt

To find the correct solution, you will need to consider multiple options, make the right connections and change your perspective when needed! Use all 4 dice for maximum adaptability! In this level, if the 2 fruit dice show the same fruit, yell how many times this fruit appears on the card!

3) Win

Collect the most cards to win the game!

No. of players: 2 to 5 players

Recommended for 5+ years.

Game Duration: 20 mins

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features you'll love

fun first!

Fun always comes first at FlexiQ. They are allergic to dry educational games, so their collection is addictively fun, surprisingly simple and 100% original.

original game mechanics

A FlexiQ-game without an unexpected twist? Doesn’t exist. Also not in FlexiQ's dictionary: ‘boring’ and ‘normal’. Pooh! Our games are truly ‘adapted’ to today’s players, with fun twists which will challenge you over and over again.


FlexiQ detest endlessly long instructions and game rules for which you need a master degree in boardgaming. Their games are straightforward and can be explained in only a few minutes!

short playing times

Short, powerful and fun from start to end. You play a FlexiQ game when you feel like it, short and sweet!


To win a FlexiQ game, you first and foremost need your own brain, and your ability to think fast and flexibly, and to adapt to the fun twists.


Because appearance does matter! FlexiQ's game boxes and contents come in an eye-catching design, with consistent colours and their typical hexagonal cards.


BEWARE! FlexiQ games are very addictive! A healthy addiction, one that only strengthens your brain and your cognitive flexibility.

6 Flexiq-skills

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adaptability as an essential life skill

Boost Your Adaptability

Adaptability? This is the ability to spontaneously restructure your knowledge, so you can adapt and react efficiently to changing situations. Developing their FlexiQ-skills will empower children and adults to reach their full potential in an ever changing world! To prepare you for your next move. Your next choice! Your future!