Fidget Ball & Sensory Ball Set - Sage & Pink

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Introduce your child to an Award-winning silicone ball set with 1 fidget ball and 1 sensory ball in this set! Does your child sometimes struggle to sit still? The Fidget Ball is just what you need to calm his/her busy little mind and keep him/her entertained!

The Fidget Ball is also a great stress reliever, it can help children focus their attention and self-regulate their emotions. It’s small, lightweight and discrete, so your child can slip into their pocket and keep it with them at all times. 

Free from all nasty chemicals, the Sensory Ball is made from food-grade silicone so children can chew on the soft, safe surface to soothe aching gums. The open frame design allows children to easily grab the Sensory Ball and bring it to their mouths when any toothy troubles arise. 

Pop these into the fridge for some cool sensation for itchy gums & we promise you it’ll help so much!

Care instructions: Wash it in the dishwasher, steriliser or with warm soapy water.

Makes a great baby shower gift too. Suitable for newborn use.

Product Dimensions: Fidget Ball: 7 x 7 x 7 cm and Sensory Ball: 10 x 10 x 10 cm

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