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Bobux Caramel Driftwood Sandal i-Walk | The Elly Store The Elly Store
Bobux Caramel Driftwood Sandal i-Walk | The Elly Store The Elly Store

Caramel Driftwood Sandals i-Walk

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Size chart

Bobux Size Chart

- Bobux shoes are designed to include a little extra ‘wiggle room’, so sizing might seem larger than other brands.

- If your child measures at the beginning of a Bobux size, they’ll have around 14mm of space between their foot and the end of the shoe, allowing them 7mm of growth and 7mm of wiggle room.

- Your child’s toes should never be touching the end of the shoe.

- As you can see the Xplorer, Step Up and I-Walk ranges include size 22. This is because of the different developmental stages children can be at when wearing this size - some are walking confidently, others are still finding their feet!

EU UK US Recommended Foot Length (cm) Approx Age
EU19 3 4 11.2 - 11.8 9-15 mth
EU20 3.5 4.5 11.9 - 12.5 15-27 mth
EU21 4.5 5.5 12.6 - 13.2 15-27 mth
EU22 5 6 13.3 - 13.9 2 years
EU23 6 7 14 - 14.5 2 years
EU24 7 8 14.6 - 15.2 2-3 years
EU25 7.5 8.5 15.3 - 15.9 2-3 years
EU26 8.5 9.5 16 - 16.6 3-4 years
EU27 9.5 10 16.7 - 17.2 3-4 years
EU28 10 10.5 17.3 - 17.9 4-5 years
EU29 11 11.5 18 - 18.5 4-5 years
EU30 11.5 12 18.6 - 19.2 5-6 years

Why we love it

Caramel Driftwood Sandals by Bobux is a classic and versatile open-toed pair of sandals for your confident walker!

With the added comfort of ultra-soft leather and a padded heel collar, the Driftwood is a widely popular, open-toe summer sandal. Suitable for confident walkers, the Driftwood i-Walk fits narrow to wide feet with fully adjustable straps across the foot and ankle, and up to one size longer in length.

- Double hook-and-loop straps
- A half size larger than standard
- Designed to fit all feet shapes
- Adjustable around ankle and foot

- Upper: Quickdry™ Vintage-Look Leather + Nubuck
- Sole: BBX B-Hive IW (Gum)
- Lining: Leather (Tobacco)

Care instructions
- Polish every two weeks with a natural polish such as beeswax or a revitaliser cream to keep leather soft and protected. This will also provide some protection from water
- Light scuffs can be reduced by rubbing beeswax or cream over affected area
- Avoid fully immersing in water
- Dry naturally, away from direct sunlight
- Do not bleach, soak, or tumble dry

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Loved by Kids. Trusted by Parents

Bobux is a range of quality kids shoes, including kids' sandals and kids slip-on shoes. These kids' leather shoes are expertly crafted from quality leather and materials, giving parents peace of mind.

Bobux works closely with podiatrists and researchers throughout its design process to better understand children’s feet, how they move, run, jump and play. Their children’s shoes are comfortable and durable with straps and flexible non-slip soles.

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