Baby 2 Straps - Cream / Dusty Blue / Jade

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Why we love it
Baby 2 Straps in Cream / Dusty Blue / Jade are from Old Soles Pre and First Walker range. They are comfy closed-toe leather shoes with breathable lining, 100% natural leather and in-built arch support.

These shoes are designed with two velcro straps so it's easy to put on and take off. When selecting baby's first shoes, we highly recommend the double velcro design. The adjustable straps will fit babies with high or low arches or chubby feet. It is the most versatile style in the first walker range.

Designed in Australia, Old Soles shoes are designed for movement yet gentle on your child's feet. It uses light materials that absorbs perspiration, leaving your children's feet dry and fresh.

This design is one of our favourite models for babies with high arches or chubby feet. Its double velcro provides a better fit for every type of foot because, just like each child, each foot is unique and incomparable. The double velcro also makes it easy to put on and take off.

100% leather with pig-skin lining

Care instructions
Wipe affected area using a damp cloth with mild soap if necessary. Dry in shade. Do not hand-wash the whole shoe or put in a washing machine.

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