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Covid-19 Service Information

Hi there!

It has been an uncertain and uncomfortable few weeks as we watch the developing events with much sadness and anxiety. Our hearts go out to those working tirelessly in the frontline to keep us safe and those directly impacted by the situation. We have all started to make some changes to the way we live and work to keep ourselves and loved ones safe, as well as to play our part to prevent further spread of the virus.
Yours and our team's health and safety is our main concern. During this period, we will implement the following precautionary measures: 
  • Please do use the hand sanitisers provided when you first come into the store.
  • At any time, we recommend that there be only 2 families in each section. Do stand on opposite sides of each section to give ample space to each other. If the store is crowded, we invite you to take a walk around the mall and come back later. 
  • To minimise contact, our staff will not assist your children in trying on shoes. 
  • We will extend our returns period (for both in-store and online sales) to 30 days to give you ample time to exchange items. Please note that our other conditions for exchange will still apply. 
  • Markings on the floor in front of the cashier indicate where to queue to maintain a safe distance. 
While these steps will affect our ability to give the high level of service we pride ourselves on, we believe it's important to have these measures to ensure you can have peace of mind if you choose to come by our store.
Here are some other tips we suggest!
  • Call our store ahead of your visit (Tel: 64668718) so we can reserve the item you're interested in. It could shorten your wait if the item is already prepared for you. 
  • If you're comfortable with our shoes and only need a size up, we highly recommend you shop online and opt for shipping. We have extended our returns period so if the size doesn't fit, simply text us at 81516809 and we'll keep the correct size for you to swing by and do a swap. 
Meanwhile, we will be finding more ways we can serve you better during this time, from more toys and games you can play at home, to providing you more gifting options you can send online. At the office, we have implemented split teams to minimise contact with each other. During this time, please bear with us if your orders take a little longer. 
As with all other small businesses, this has been a difficult time for us. We want to thank all our customers for your support, especially those who have called out to others to support small local businesses. We appreciate it. 
Take care of your families and stay safe. 
x, Audrey and Carol