Elly CNY 2024 Part 1

The year of 2023 for elly celebrates a new chapter in our journey - a second store and new flagship after 8 years!

As we step into 2024, we embrace both the new and old with our CNY 2024 collection - a fresh and modern take on traditional designs we love. Think classic reds on updated silhouettes, auspicious elements and characters with a contemporary pop of neon colours, versatile pastels and everyday florals.

elly CNY 2024, Part 1 comprises 21 new hand-drawn prints and 155 styles. Discover the collection now!

Banner Image
Cheongsam - Red Dragon Pearl
Mandarin-collared Shirt - Red Dragon Pearl
Ava Top - Red Dragon Pearl
Carol Cheongsam White Dragon Pearl
Mandarin-collared Shirt - White Dragon Pearl
Sienna Top - White Dragon Pearl
Nicole Pants - Red
Luna Cheongsam - Red Campfire Dragon
Mandarin-collared Polo Tee - Red Campfire Dragon
Amelia Top - Red Campfire Dragon
Hayley Dress - Red Campfire Dragon
Baby Shorts - Red
Men's Polo Tee - Red Campfire Dragon