March 27, 2016 1 min read

We woke up on Easter morning to texts from friends who spotted us in Lianhe Zaobao! The article mentioned how Boutiques Fair Singapore helped Elly and other brands kickstart their businesses. Back in 2011, Carol (黄素贞) and I (黄素金) had fulltime jobs. (My friends are getting a kick out of learning our Chinese names.) We would use our annual leave to attend multiple fairs a year - fairs were a greatway to learn what our customers thought of our style and prints. It was a chance encounter that led us to Boutiques and we've now participated in 10 Boutique fairs! Boutiques is wonderfully curated by a lovely lady! It remains a great way to meet new customers of all nationalities and keep in touch with our old customers. We are now friends with some customers we met way back in 2011 at our first fair who can even remember their first purchase!! The article was a timely reminder to ourselves on how far we've come and to keep morale up when things get rough. Thank you Lianhe Zaobao for the feature!