Presenting our CNY 2019 collection

Presenting our CNY 2019 collection

Growing Up With Elly

Photo credits: This campaign was shot by the talented Maryann with the help of her team from The Studio Loft!

Our Classic Cheongsam in 8 prints
Cheongsam Pink Ducks on Water
Cheongsam Blue Cranes
Cheongsam Red Cranes
Cheongsam Yellow Lanterns
Cheongsam Red Lanterns
Cheongsam Cream Ducks
Cheongsam Pink ducks on bamboo
Cheongsam Retro Flowers
Our Luxe Lace Cheongsam in 3 prints
Pink Lace Cheongsam Girls
Blue Lace Cheongsam Girls
Red Lace Cheongsam Girls
Our Drop Waist Cheongsam in 3 Prints
Drop Waist Cheongsam Turquoise Ducks on Water
Drop Waist Cheongsam in Oriental Cranes
Drop Waist Cheongsam Green Cranes
Our Waisted Cheongsam in 1 Print
Jersey Cheongsam Turquoise Lanterns
Jersey Cheongsam Turquoise Lanterns
Jersey Cheongsam Stripe
Jersey Cheongsam Stripe
Jersey Top Bamboo
Jersey Top
Our Flare Cheongsam in 6 Prints
Flare Cheongsam Cream Ducks
Flare Cheongsam Retro Flowers
Flare Cheongsam Peach Lanterns
Flare Cheongsam Oriental Cranes
Flare Cheongsam Pink Ducks on Water
Flare Cheongsam Yellow Lanterns
Our Mia Onesie in 1 Print
Mia Onesie
Our Tulle Onesie in 1 Print
Tulle onesie
Our Summer Maxi Dress in 2 Prints
Summer Dress Red Cranes
Summer Dress Pink Ducks
Our Gracie Dress in 2 prints
gracie crossback dress
Gracie Blue Ducks on Bamboo
Our Sleeveless Dress in 2 prints
Sleeveless Dress Blue Cranes
Sleeveless dress Pink Ducks on Bamboo
Our classic mandarin-collared shirts for boys in 14 prints
MC Blue Bamboo Ducks
MC Cream Bamboo Ducks
MC Pink Bamboo Ducks
MC Ducks On Water
MC Ducks On Water Pink
MC Shirt Retro Flowers
MC Shirt Red Cranes
MC Shirt Blue Cranes
MC Shirt Red Cranes
MC Shirt Turquoise Lanterns
MC Shirt Peach Lanterns
MC Shirt Yellow Lanterns
MC Shirt Blue Lanterns with gold foil
MC Shirt Red Lanterns with gold foil
Boys Polo Tee in 3 prints
Boys Polo Tee Bamboo
Boys Polo Tee Stripes
Boys Polo Tee Lanterns
Charlie Shorts in 5 colours
Charlie Shorts - Blue
Charlie Shorts Coral
Charlie Shorts Mint
Charlie Shorts Yellow
Charlie Shorts Red
For Baby Boys Mandarin-collared Rompers in 3 prints
MC Romper - Red Cranes
MC Romper Cream Bamboo Ducks
MC Romper Blue Lanterns
Avery Romper in 3 prints
Avery Romper Yellow Lanterns
Avery Romper Turquoise Ducks
Avery Romper Turquoise Lanterns
Polo Romper in Turquoise Ducks
Polo Romper Turquoise Ducks
Just for the Mums - Ladies Lace Cheongsam in 3 prints
Ladies Lace Cheongsam
Ladies Lace Cheongsam Pink
Ladies Lace Cheongsam Red
Ladies Cheongsam in Retro Flowers print
Ladies Cheongsam Retro Flowers
Ladies Drape Cheongsam in Red Lanterns
Ladies Drape Cheongsam Red Lanterns
Ladies Jersey Cheongsam Dress
Ladies Jersey Cheongsam Stripe
Ladies Jersey Cheongsam Blue Turquoise
Ladies Jersey Top Bamboo
Ladies Jersey Top Bamboo
Just for the Dads - Polo Tees in 3 prints
Polo Tee Turquoise Lanterns
Men's Polo Tee - Stripe
Men's Polo Tee Bamboo
Just for the Dads - Mandarin-collared shirts in 4 prints

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