Elly goes out to sea!

Elly goes out to sea!

If you liked the "Elly Loves Balloon" collection, you're sure to like these fabrics! We've brought in a collection of fabrics entirely designed by the same lady who designed Paper Hats, Balloons, Pinwheels and Paper Planes! (She's also the lady who designed some of the art prints and stationary in our store!)

In this collection, there are 2 Wonderlands (in Mermaids and Flower Pots), 3 Twinkles (in Aqua Vines, Pink Narwhals in two shades), 1 LMS in Swashbuckling Pirates and 5 pairs of elastic pull-up shorts (in Blue ABCs, Red ABCs, Pink Anchors in two shades and my absolute favourite, the Pirate Portholes). Our new shorts are in lovely shades of pink, red and blue and will be a favourite with both the lil' pirate boys and girls! (Note: Our shorts are not swim-shorts but they're made from light-weight cotton which is perfect for the beach!)  

Get in theme and grab your Pirate shirt and shorts and head on down to the Port of Lost Wonder in Sentosa this coming School Holidays!!! Be the meanest pirate on the Big Ship! "Elly Goes Out To Sea" is a limited edition collection which will only be sold in the Elly Store from Friday 19 October 2012 so come by and take a look this weekend! (Together with this collection, we will be showcasing our brand new range of Mandarin collared linen shirts for the boys and our new Tinkerbell designs. Watch this space for more photos on those soon enough)!       x, Audrey

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