Surfer Sandals - Silver


Salt Water 'Surfer' Sandals are a versatile pair of kids shoe, perfect for going out or playing at the beach.

Called the "Salt Water" Sandals because they stand up even in salt water. These kids sandals have a flexible, high grade sole and heavy, durable leather straps for easy-going comfort and long wear, ensuring all day comfort for your little girls' feet.

The Salt Water 'Surfer' Sandals come in these colors: Cherry, Red, Navy, Tan, Gold, Silver, Shiny Pink, Fuchsia, Floral, Purple and Turquoise.

Key features:

- Specifically designed to be worn in and out of the water;
- Ankle strap with buckle closure which won't rust if you get them wet;
- Breathable leather lining and footbed.

Salt Water Sandals Size Chart:

Size cm*
5 14
6 15
7 16
8 16.5
9 17.5
10 18.5
11 19.5
12 20
13 20.5
1 21.5
2 22.5
3 23.5

*length of sole of shoe

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