Story Fortified Castle

Night falls on the castle and the assault is ready! Fortunately, the house is guarded by valiant knights and a fierce dragon! Thanks to this beautiful cardboard castle and its 8 wooden figurines, children from 3 years old will be able to invent crazy adventures in the middle ages and let their imagination run wild!

The first fun step is to build the castle! The child brings his or her grandiose scene to life by assembling the various rigid cardboard parts with the help of an adult. Then it's off to the exciting stories in this 3-tower castle with a drawbridge and gate, a prison and a grand staircase to the first floor to repel the attackers. The 5 knights, 2 horses and the wooden dragon will have a lot to do with our mini scriptwriters!

Product Dimension: 40 x 38 x 34 cm

Recommended for 3 - 8 years

Made of wood (plywood), paper, cardboard.