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Ringroad is a great introduction to Waytoplay. Let your children create their very own circuits and road maps and put it together with their favourite toy vehicles and buildings from other toy sets.

This 12 piece set provides a basic introduction to Waytoplay. You can also add and expand your road by purchasing additional sets. The flexible rubber road is great indoors or outdoors as it can be laid out on almost any surface. It is also wipe clean perfect.

Waytoplay toys is the creator of the flexible toys roads. Each set of roads comes with puzzle piece road segments that your child can use to make any shape or route they can imagine! Waytoplay roads are made of the highest quality at a state of the art manufacturer in Germany and Waytoplay has partnered with a sheltered employment provider to give jobs to those with little access to the regular job market.

This box contains:

  • Flexible, durable road toy, 170 cm length
  • 8 curves, 2 straights, 1 intersection, and 1 roundabout.

Why we love Waytoplay:

  • the roads can be used on almost any surface, inside or outside;
  • Easy to connect parts; and
  • Encourages imaginative play through mixing and matching toys.

Packaging dimensions: 27 x 16 x 7.5cm / Weight: 1.1 kg

Tip: Combine Waytoplay flexible roads with Lubulona Towns and make your own city on an IVI 3D Play Rug!