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Tickle Your Senses

Playfoam (4 pack)

Playfoam from Tickle Your Senses allows your children to play it in so many ways! Your children can squish, squash, roll, and sculpt while they work on their fine motor skills. It's a good play pack to make the kids busy exploring their creativity and shaping their imaginations with Playfoam!

This sensory play medium dosen't dry out so its perfect for the children to mould it in different ways! The playfoam is made of tiny polystrene balls that can be compressed together so that it can be moulded in different shapes.

Complete packaging measurement: 29 L x 20 W x 29 H (cm)


  • Please take note that this Playfoam comes in a pack of 4 pods - colours may vary.
  • Suitable for kids age: 3 years and above.
  • Non-toxic but it's not taste-safe.
  • Adult supervision is advised for kids 2 years old and below.