Petrol Kaiser Sandals


Classic denim blue-coloured shoes from Biomecanics which match all outfits! Biomecanics resulted from a joint research project between Spanish shoe-maker Garvalin and the Biomecánica Institute of Valencia. Biomecanic shoes are strong, durable but also light, flexible and breathable. 

Key features:

  • Velcro foot and ankle straps;
  • Optimized stabiliser for greater freedom of movement;
  • Made from natural materials - 100% free of chrome and nickel;
  • Maximum flexibility;
  • Removable inner sole; 
  • Maximum breathability; and
  • Pig skin lining. 

Care instructions: Wipe dry with damp cloth

Biomecanics Size Chart: 

22 5 6-6.5 13.5
23 6 7-7.5 14.2
24 7 8-8.5 14.8

*How to use size chart: If your child’s foot is 13.5 cm we recommend you choose size 22. If your child’s foot is 14 cm we recommend you choose size 23 and so on.