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Personalisation Service for Bunny (Bunny not included)

Silver Thread
Burgundy Thread
Fuchsia Thread
Cornflower Blue Thread
Turquoise Thread
Light Pink Thread
Lilac Thread
Beige Thread
Orange Thread
Lime Green Thread
Purple Thread

  • This service is only for Small, Medium or Large Bunnies! If you purchased a Huge or Really Big bunny sizes, please select this service here!

    Add a special touch to your Jellycat bunny with our personalisation service on any Jellycat Blossom Bunny or Bashful Bunny which you purchase from us. We will embroider a name on the right ear of the Jellycat Bunny in a colour of your choice.

    This personalisation service does not include the Jellycat bunny which you would have to purchase from us separately. Select a small, medium or large bunny from our Jellycat Bunny collection to complete your order.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. How many letters can we embroider on the bunnies?

    Size of Bunny Maximum number of letters:
    Small 6 characters
    Medium 7 characters
    Large 8 characters

    2. Does the personalisation include the Jellycat bunny?

    No. The bunny is not included. You will purchase the small, medium or large Jellycat bunny from us as well.

    3. What colour thread works best for Blossom Bunnies?

    Embroidery on the floral ears of a Blossom Bunny may not have the same effect as on a Bashful Bunny. We suggest you pick a strong contrasting colour.

    4. How long will personalisation take?

    Personalisation takes up to 5 working days although this may increase during peak periods. If you need it urgently, please check with us before putting through your order.

    5. Can you send a pre-owned bunny bought from another store for personalisation?

    This service is not sold on its own. For hygiene reasons, we only personalise bunnies newly-purchased from our store.

    6. Will your bunny look like the other sample bunnies posted on social media accounts?

    The outcome of any embroidery work is subject to the nature of the surface to be embroidered on and the combination of letters (or hyphen or space) that make that name. This may result in slight variations in length and thickness of the overall embroidery.