Miniware Cereal Bowl - Grey

Set of one cereal bowl, one silicone lid and one smart detachable suction foot. The depth and shape of the cereal bowl gives room to practice how to scoop up food early on. This bowl is perfect for baby food, cereal & yogurt but it’s also a perfect size for the rest of the family having soup, dessert or any other snacks.

All Miniware dishes are made from natural bamboo, making it safe for both baby and the earth. When Miniware meets the end of its lifecycle, its safe to burn or break down in soil just like plants.


  • Bowl / 40% Bamboo Fiber+ 40% Vege Starch + 20% Emulsion
  • Suction Foot/ 100% Food grade silicone + PP Secure disk

Dimensions: L5.94" x W2.71" x H5.90"