Miniware 1-2-3 Sip! Cup (Vanilla and Cotton Candy)

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A sippy cup which helps a child advance all the way from a straw to mastering a real cup. children practice all the complex movements in steps without opening the valve all the way!

At first a child can sip from the silicone straw, which is soft and feels good against gums and teeth, then move on to practice tilting and drinking from the Lid + Spout and finally master a real cup on their own.

This product includes 1x mini cup, 1x spout lid, 1x silicone straw set.


  • Mini cup + non-drip lid: plant based biodegradable and petroleum free PLA
  • Straw and lid cover: food grade silicone


  • Mini cup + non-drip lid: diameter 3 x height 3.5"
  • Including straw height: 5.5"

Care Instructions:

  • Miniware is dishwasher safe.
  • If washing by hand, a regular soft sponge is best as the product surface can become scratched with a rough scrub sponge.
  • While Miniware is sturdy but it will crack if dropped from a sufficient height. Please use with care and avoid heavy pressure or sudden impacts.
  • Please do not continue to use a broken product. 
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