L'Atelier Resine

Create beautiful translucent jewels with shiny and colourful inclusions in a magical experiment! Make your own fabulous designs with this creative set, by adding inlays like insects, butterflies and iridescent glitter! You can achieve this by simply mixing together the resin and catalyst, adding a few drops of colorant if you wish and then pouring the mixture into your choice of moulds.

20 hours later your creations can be removed from their moulds easily, now transformed into superb paperweights, key rings or diamonds! A magical experience ... and a creative one too.

This kit has won the French award “les Etoiles du Jouet” in 2020 in the “Create and Imagine” category.

Recommended for ages 10 and up.

Key Features:

  • 120ml of resin;
  • 3 colourants (red, blue, yellow);
  • 2 beakers;
  • 1 glove;
  • plastic insects;
  • 1 diamond silicone mould;
  • 1 mould;
  • 100ml of the catalyst agent;
  • 3 pipettes;
  • 1 positioning stick;
  • 1 pot with glitter chunks;
  • key chains;
  • 1 protective table cloth; and
  • 1 mould.

Product Dimensions: 28.5 x 28.5 x 5.5 cm