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Kubkid - 35 Giant Blocks

35 giant colourful blocks that can be used to play 2 games - a puzzle game to form a pretty brickhouse and whimsical characters or a construction game to build giant buildings by stacking them as high as possible. The blocks are sturdy, lightweight and easy for little hands to hold and handle. Re-create 7 different characters, a large brickhouse or endless possibilities of giant buildings to stimulate your child's creativity and thinking skills.

Cubes should be assembled by an adult. An instruction sheet is included to show how to assemble the blocks.

Key Features:
- Suitable for 3-6 years.
- Each set is composed of 5 triangles (15.5cm by 7.5cm by 9cm); 7 cubes (15.5cm by 15.5cm by 7cm); 7 large rectangles (30cm by 15cm by 7.5cm); 16 small rectangles (14.8cm by 7.3cm by 7.3cm)
- Dimensions of box: 49.5 x 14 x 40 cm
- Material: cardboard