Kids Mary Jane Shoes - Strawberry


Itsy Cotton Kids Mary Janes in Strawberry is a lovely pink shade of lovely cotton and linen! This casual and versatile design Mary Jane shoes are classic and easy-to-put-on for everyday wear. Fitted with a velcro strap to adjust easily for the perfect fit, they come with an eco-leather lining and a rubber outsole for flexibility and comfort.

Made of our soft breathable cotton so you can be comfortable wearing it all day.

Size Guide
EU Length of Outer Sole* (cm) Length of Interior Leather Sole (cm)
23 15.2 14.5
24 16 15
25 16.7 15.8
26 17.3 16
27 18 16.8
28 18.6 17.5
29 19.2 18
30 19.8 19
31 20.5 19.5
32 21.1 20
33 21.7 20.8
34 22.3 21.5

*You can use this measurement to compare with an existing pair of shoes your child has.

Composition and Care

Key Features:

  • Made from fabrics such as cotton and linen
  • Eco-leather lining and rubber outsole
  • 100% made in Spain
  • Velcro strap closure for easy wear

Product Care:

  • Remove the leather lining before cleaning.
  • Machine washable - wash in cold water with neutral detergent on the most gentle, delicate cycle possible.
  • Do not soak your Itsy Cottons for an extended period of time.
  • After wash, air dry your Itsy Cotton shoes in a cool, shaded area and never directly under the sun.
  • Do not use the dryer for your Itsy Cottons.
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