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Help rabbits hop their way to safety! In JumpIN' by SmartGames, set up each challenge by positioning Mr. Fox, rabbits and mushrooms according to the image. The objective of each challenge is to get rabbits into their brown burrow by jumping on the mushrooms, other rabbits and even moving Mr Fox. There are 60 challenges. The whole set comes in a portable carry case to make a perfect travel game!

The adorable animals and forest pieces are easy for little hands to grasp and adds life, dimension and fun to problem solving! Train your young ones to plan and think flexibly with this rewarding game. Hop away!

Suitable for ages 7 years and above.

Key Features:

  • 1 Gameboard with 5 burrows;
  • 3 Rabbits; 
  • 3 Mushrooms;
  • 2 Foxes;
  • Booklet with 60 challenges and solutions.

Product Dimensions: 6.7” x 9.5” x 1.8"


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