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Flex Janet White Multi


Pediped Flex® Janet White Multi Shoes are the perfect choice for your confident walkers who have developed a solid, natural stride. Janet Multi White shoes has genuine leather upper with breathable leather lining. It is in a Mary Jane style with Velcro closure. 

The leather used to make these shoes is premium, high quality, distressed leather. Any flaws on the surface are a result of natural leather blemishes and not manufacturing defects. The leather has been tumbled to create a distressed look and will scratch upon use. 

Why we love Pediped:

  • The Flex Fit System™ provides additional insoles that can be inserted for a snug fit then removed for room as your child's foot grows. These insoles can reduce shoe size by almost half a size, extending the life of the shoe. 
  • Awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance for promoting healthy foot development.

To use Flex Fit System:Simply lift the colored insole that comes inside the shoe and place the white additional insert underneath. Afterward, be sure to replace the original insole as this will be the layer next to your child’s foot. Check the fit: shoes should fit snug, but not tight. When there is no need for the extra white insert, take it out and use the original insole by itself. This insole should remain in the shoe at all times to ensure comfort for your child.

To clean: Wipe clean with mild soap and water. Baby wipes of any kind will also work. This shoe is not machine washable. 

To protect: Polishing will help prolong their life and may remove unwanted marks, such as scuffs and scrapes.

Pediped Size Chart:

Take a look at this video from Pediped on how to measure foot for shoe size or print out this chart to guide you!

EU US (Child) UK cm*
22 6 - 6.5 5 - 5.5 13
23 7 6 13.75
24 7.5 - 8 6.5 - 7 14.5
25 8.5 7.5 15
26 9 - 9.5 8 - 8.5 15.5
27 10 - 10.5 9 - 9.5 16
28 11 - 11.5 10 - 10.5 17
29 12 - 12.5 11 17.5
30 12 - 12.5 11.5 - 12 18
31 13- 13.5 12 - 12.5 18.75

*Length of foot

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