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Educational Puzzle - Myths and Legends

From the giant Yeti to the glorious Greek Phoenix, uncover the world's mysterious unknowns with this giant 350-piece Myths and Legends puzzle set by award-winning toy maker Janod!

It contains a jigsaw featuring mythical creatures and life from ancient legends across the world, 50 self-assemble cardboard creatures and an accompanying educational booklet for them to discover the secrets behind these legends. Each cardboard creature has its name on the back for easy identification and fits on the puzzle. Now you know where the unicorn came from! It adds dimension (literally too!) to this jigsaw for easy learning and memory.

Train tactile and observation skills with a puzzle and get young ones curious about our world and mythology. With so much to discover, it's a real favourite!

Recommended for ages 7 years and up.

Key Features:

  • 350-Piece Jigsaw featuring mythical creatures and ancient legends across a world map;
  • 50 3-D, self-assemble cardboard creatures - each is named on the back for easy identification;
  • An accompanying educational booklet telling the stories and origins of these legendary creatures;
  • Engages young minds in world exploration, stimulates an interest in stories/mythology and sparks imagination;
  • Jigsaw puzzle measures 99cm x 69cm;
  • Box and puzzle made from cardboard.