Coasty Green - Natural Organic Canvas


Tip Toey Joey Coasty Green - Natural Organic Canvas shoes are perfect outdoor shoes to wear to a picnic! Designed in Brazil, its comfy soft soles are perfect for baby's first shoes and children up to 2 years old.


  • Made of soft leather lining and jute trims.
  • Absorbs perspiration and keeps the feet dry. Fresh in summer and warm in the winter.
  • Elasticised stretch back that offers heel support.
  • Flex&grip™ sole provides a flexible, non-slip sole to improve balance and confidence in your child's first steps.
  • Velcro strap makes it easy to put on and take off. 

A Message from Greeny! Hello, I'm GREENY! My mission is to remind grownups and kids that there is always something we can do to reduce our environmental impact – with me, the leather scraps from our production don’t turn into trash but into a brand new sole. I'm made of recycled cotton canvas and a new upcycled sole that contains leather scraps from our production, helping our factory in Brazil reduce its environmental impact.

Size Guide
EU USA (Child) UK Length of sole (cm)
19 4 3 12.5
20 5 4 13
21 6 5 13.5
22 6.5 5.5 14
23 7 6 14.5
Composition and Care
Material:Made of cotton canvas with recycled plastic.

Care instructions: To clean, wipe affected area using a damp cloth with mild soap. Dry in shade. Do not hand-wash the whole shoe or put in a washing machine.