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Bamboo Toddler Suction Plate & Spoon

This lightweight, bamboo plate is the solution for cleaner meals that will stay in their place! Simply press the Airtight-Lock mechanism onto the table!

Split into three compartments for more convenience. The silicone suction cup can be removed any time for cleaning or for using like a regular plate. This plate is sold with a bamboo spoon which has a soft, non-toxic end.

Why choose bamboo: 

  • Bamboo is a renewable, 100% degradable and environmentally friendly.
  • Longer-lasting compared to plastic dishes
  • Despite its lightness, bamboo is surprisingly strong and durable.
  • Bamboo is resistant to stains
  • Safe and non toxic if you have allergies

Length: 8.5″ Width: 7.3″ Height: 2.2″ Weight: 13 oz.  / Baby Spoon: Length: 5.5″ Width: 1.5″ Weight: 0.6 oz.